San Miguel Gringo, the blog: A real-time story unfolds as a couple of boomers escape to Colonial México, again.

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  • IMG 0520

    The Last Post

    Yes, its’ all over but the crying. If you want to sign up for the new blog, send an email to and I’ll send you a link. It’s been great fun, but this part of the journey is over, no more San Miguel Gringo …

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  • Ciosko

    You can take the girl out of the city

    Sometimes, I try to think of the title before I write a blog post. That’s one way to do it. Often I change it, but at least with a title, I have some overall idea of what I’m trying to say. This isn’t that. I’m …

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  • Upcortez

    Home again, home again…

    Well, that was a bust. Don’t even ask. I flew 5,000 km (each way) to talk to a supposed business man who wants to be the next Tim Hortons, who despite my having an appointment, set up 10 days prior, and despite my emailing him …

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  • Fork

    That proverbial fork in the road

    Boy, we sure have had a lot of unexpected considerations pop up lately. Some good, some a little crazy. We saw a house online that was an unbelievable deal and just missed it by a few days. Of course, I wasn’t looking, really, which is …

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  • Mangoes

    Under the mango tree

    Egads, I realized that I’d better write a post soon, people are starting to wonder where I went. There’s just not much to report at the moment. Things are settling in and we’re both very busy. We’re delighted with the weather. The rains have come, …

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  • Popo2

    Life under the volcano

    I’ve been busy, busy, busy. First, starting to turn the blog into a book. I’ve been getting all the damn blog posts separated into five sections and removing the formatting, editing some. But not nearly enough. Man, I sure say a lot of nothing. The …

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  • Mountainsofmexico

    Why move to Mexico? Why, oh why?

    So, I was awake with my eyes closed in bed this morning meditating, sort of, and that question popped into my head  — prompted by thoughts of a project I’m thinking about. Why would I advise anyone to move to Mexico? An honest question, not …

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  • Flagsuup2

    So many different worlds

    Well, we’ve been here just four weeks now, and learning lots about the city. CW’s visa process was super simple, what had taken over a month in San Miguel took three days here, which is bloody incredible. He submitted his info (from the consulate) on …

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  • Upmaybe2

    Look ma, no hands!

    The training wheels are off. We’ve been here now for 10 days (more like two weeks by the time I post) and are starting to feel a little more settled. There’s enough food in the fridge and we are both back at work earnestly but …

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  • Cuernasunset

    You are where you are

    And yo es aqui with an accent (that’d be aquí of course). A little over 24 hours in DF so far and it feels like I never left. Off to Cuernavaca tomorrow (Uber car) to set up the house. Everything feels just right. Even found …

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